1 April*} Best April Fool Status For WhatsApp In Hindi

When the whole world will, CELEBRATE:
But keep in mind,
April Fool comes once a year.

Hey U Know
Which is the best day to propose a girl. April 1
U Know Why??
If she accepts it your luck
otherwise, just tell April Foooooll.!!

The first of April, some do say Is set apart for All Fool’s Day;
But why the people call it so Nor I, nor they themselves, do know, But on this day are people sent On purpose for pure merriment.!

Sine me dil,
Dil me dard,
Dard me yaqin,
Yaqin me khyal,
Khayal me khwab,
Khuwab me tasvir
Tasvir me sirf ap!
Itna Darawna khuwab?
Baap re Baap

Aaj, kal, harpal, har samay,
har vaqt, maheno,
salo saal se ek DIL tumhare liye dhadakta tha
aur dhadakta rahega
aur wo DIL hai ur’s own DEAR.

Girl: Pados wali Aunty mujhe bohat tang karti hain..
Jab b kisi ki Shadi hoti wo mere gaal kheench k kehti
Phir maine un ki ye aadat khatam karwa di.
Friend: Kaise ?
Girl: Jab koi Mar jata tou main unk Gaal kheench k kehti..

You can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job. 🙂
Happy April Fools Day Friends

“One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead, I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. ‘Oh, no,’ I said. ‘Disneyland burned down.’ He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late.” ~Jack Handey

Wants to remind you that everything is funny as long as it’
s not happening to you. Please don’
t make others fool on April Fool Day.!!

And if you want to go a step further than simply posting a Facebook status update,
change your relationship status on your profile instead. People will freak

Your girlfriend is:
In short, she is just like your S.I.S.T.E.R.
Happy April Fool!

Replace normal printer with voice activated. Say print.
Then see what happens. Everyone will be surprised by the act.

Cheese is Cheese
Butter is butter
if u 4get me
I will throw u in
* G U T T E R *

If anyone wants to use the beach house we rented in Bermuda for two weeks this summer,
let me know. The hubby can’t take that much time off from work, so we have to cancel.
No charge — we just need someone to take it off our hands.

Small April sobbed, I’m going to cry Please give me a cloud to wipe my eye;
Then April Fool, she laughed instead & smiled a rainbow overhead. !

Sardar got into a bus on 1st April
when the conductor asked for a ticket.
He gave Rs.10/-
and took the ticket and said April fool.
I have a pass.

You could just change your birthday to April first,
watch everyone write happy birthday on your wall,
and at the end of the day make your status.!

You could just change your birthday to April first,
watch everyone write happy birthday on your wall,
and at the end of the day make your status.!!

My girlfriend and I are pregnant,
but I am not the father. She was cheating on me.
Oh and she does not know that I know.!!

Place a pair of pants and shoes inside the only toilet stall in a restroom to make it appear someone is using it all day.

This April Fools’ Day, don’t let the kids get the best of you. It’s time to play a few funny tricks on them. After all, adults can get in on the silliness, too! (We’ve even included a few pranks to make dad smile.)

For a more direct approach, just fill a glass of water up to the brim, then throw it in someone’s face. It’s totally a prank if you also scream “APRIL FOOLS’!”

NeeDS U…
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?

The night before April Fool’s Day pours some cereal and milk into a bowl. Put the pan into the freezer. The next morning take it out and pour a small amount of milk and few flakes of cereal on top. Then serve it to your victim and watch the struggle.

Parents: Freeze the kid’s breakfast cereal the night before.

Turn their windshield wipers into a rainbow paintbrush*

If you’ve always wanted to prank someone on April Fools’ Day but you never think of a plan in time, stop dreaming. You’ve hit the last-minute prank jackpot.

Out of service – Put “Out of service” on all the toilet cubicle doors. Watch all of your colleagues run around. Why not add to the banter and put signs on the elevator doors as well.

Switch the language setting to a foreign language. Watch them learn a new language!

‘Marmite Clear’ is here… The makers of the nation’s favorite savory spread have today announced the launch of an innovative new product ‘ Marmite Clear.’ Leading the way in spreadable innovation, the brand is evolving its iconic brown shade to create an all-new translucent version of the classic British breakfast condiment.